Mastery Piano, Accordion and Kinder Beat Programs!

Will your child stick with music lessons?

Is your child ready?

Join me for 6 songs, for 30mins, free, 100 % success rates.

Did you know your child will sound beautiful in 6 lessons?

Learn on the world's best piano, Steinway!!!

Join us for the best five public performances your student will experience each year!

"Rossi is a talentated pianist who has the patience and enthusiasm to engage students in learning to play the piano and accordion. I would highly recommend. "

Mary Strossner, Greenville SC

Music Lessons that your student will Love!

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Students are the star!

Students can play tunes from the radio or popular movies within months of beginning.

Our staff will guide you!

Our studio has produced superior results for the students attending the National Federation of Music Clubs auditions, internationally renowned exams and Governor School auditions.

20 yrs of Excellence!!!

Students get access to our Music Mastery System that challenges them to continue playing even when it feels challenging. 

Magic Music

Learn new songs in as little as 3 minutes with our Perfect Playing Practice Process, so you can avoid that new student struggle experience.


Linda Kerr

Studio Parent

"Mrs Kennedy is very professional and very knowledgable on the piano. My son has learned alot and continue to learn with Mrs Kennedy. He's studied with her on lesson, theory and worked on more advanced piece of Governor's School Summer Program. Highly Recommend!"

Christian Schrimpf

Studio Parent

"This piano teacher is patient. She is kind. She is creative! She makes the journey of 4yrs and almost 2 yrs old so enjoyable".

Mandy Kelly

Studio Parent

"My 6 yrs old daughter has learned so much in a such a short time.Mrs Kennedy is so patient and really wants each student to reach their fullest ability. Cant wait for next year!"


Join the hundreds of past and present Rossi Kennedy Studio parents who have enriched their child's lives through the power of music!


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